Monday, March 21, 2011

"Time on the Water".....Quote #8

"I took Musky Marsha out on Big Lake today, and we did't catch anything, but did have one of those experiences that makes musky fishing exciting. After a couple of hours of no action, suddenly there was a musky right behind my lure at the boat. He was good-sized, probably about 40 inches, and he showed no inclination to dart away so I kept my lure moving and he grabbed it. But before I could set the hook, he was in the air right by the boat and was off and gone in a flash. That's the thing about musky fishing. Even when you're not catching any, you have encounters with them, frequently heart-stopping encounters. I'll probably remember that musky I didn't catch longer than most of the walleyes and bass I have caught."

-Bill Gardner

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