Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Time on the Water".....Quote #11

"Turned on the television for a few moments this morning and there was Willie Nelson talking to Rona Barrett, the Hollywood gossip queen. So this is what things have come to while I've been away fishing. The beautiful people have clasped ugly old Willie to their bosoms. To them he's real. He writes down-to-earth songs about life. All of a sudden, I had this tremendous urge to grab Willie by his ponytail and scream, "What do you know about life? You ain't ever fished for muskies!"

-Bill Gardner


  1. Teal River Brad...You might want to show a little respect for Willie Nelson who was recentlty killed in an hit and run automobile accident. Apparently he was playing on the road again when it happened. Could we have a moment of silence, please.

    Thank you, Big Dick, for bringing this to my attention.

  2. The Idea of coming back from Muskie fishing to civilization to se what is new on TV .
    Doesn't sound right to me...