Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Time on the Water".....Quote #10

"Well, here I am in Reno, Nevada, one big-time gambler in a city of two-bit pikers. Look at all these people at the blackjack tables. You call that gambling? Blackjack is nearly a one-to-one proposition. Where are the guys who play the long shots? Who around here is betting 10,000-to-one odds? That's what I do each time I throw out a cast. And that's just for a keeper. Who knows what the odds are on a 30-pounder."

-Bill Gardner


  1. When you finally do catch that elusive 30 pounder you can go to to find that perfect muskie recipe.!

    ...and to think this is 2011!

  2. Gord, now you have done it. No quote #11. The only thing that angers a musky angler more than walleye anglers catching brutes on light tackle is an angler that keeps his trophy. However you have pointed out an oddidity in the regs that would allow this to happpen. I can honestly say that I have never kept a musky.

  3. Sacrilege! @$?>&% Californian!! Long live the KING!!!