Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big Buck Island

During the "Muskie Madness Week" (report to follow) I ran across this fellow swimming to an island I have now named "Big Buck Island".

Hmm......interesting rack with the dripping many points?

Ten at least..........much bigger though than the mount in the lodge..........

He was moving pretty fast, probably didn't appreciate our company!

With plenty of splashing and crashing noises in the bush, he was soon gone. May he live long and prosper!


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  2. That is a DANDY!!!!
    Hope he has a friend to mate with on that island

  3. Very cool Gord. Nice pics of a nice buck. I think its time for you to get back into deer hunting? Did you consider going for a ride?

  4. I was told that having any velvet this time of year would be unusual. Perhaps what looks like velvet could be some weeds or grass the big dude picked up on his way into the lake?

    No riding for me.......the water is a might chilly.

  5. Small by Muskoka standards but a nice buck all the same. Moose hunt just days away!!! Make sure the Yamaha is up for the trip Gordo!!