Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gold Digging in the Fall

If you have been told that August represents the "dog days" of summer, you haven't fished Eagle, or you are using the wrong tactic. Nothing beats consistently catching large numbers of large golden walleyes on a warm summer day. You have to plan for the rain and occassional cold day even in August, but more often then not you are fishing in great conditions. While some worry about catching these deeper water fish, I can honestly say that I don't believe we had a single casualty in the two boats this fall other than the smaller "eaters" that we kept. The fish were not as deep as they can get...29' - 32' of water seemed to be the magic number this year. We released our fish quickly and the eagles went hungry. Most of the fish in fact could be observed on the locator heading back to deep water in a hurry.I have no doubt that the Professor, his glove, and Marty "the total package" are repeating this pattern right now in September on Eagle Lake. So go ahead and book your spring trip but consider a second week in the fall to get your pot of gold!


  1. Great job on the walleyes Andy and company, sure does sound like you found the fall hotspot..
    Nice pic of the rainbow.
    Can't wait for the Professors reports.
    Some odd reason my other post is having to be approved thought maybe I got fired from the blog????

  2. You did not mention Andy if you nailed some wallhangers