Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Extended Musky Mania.

Looking forward to extending the madness.... Will need an icebreaker prow for the old Smokercraft.


  1. Tom.....we need to educate you on how to include a picture on your post..makes it that much more Exciting!

    Look forward to your gigantic muskie catch this fall! Post a pic.........

  2. I thought it was just me missing something.
    Why don't you beef this post up for him Gord with some 55" musky

  3. Why yes I will take a 55 incher.

    Saw three today, one in Portage and two at Strawberry Island. Just a beautiful day on the lake.

    Turn over is still happening and the water temp was not below 56 degrees

  4. The trout and whitefish were biting on Clearwater......finally a nice sunny day with no wind! The beaver dam in the creek is also keeping out the riffraff (you know who I mean)...a day of solitude on the lake....priceless!