Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gord & Keith's Somewhat Excellent Goose Adventure...

Keith Mitchell (from the island) and I decided it would be interesting to try goose hunting. Although we technically have the wrong type of decoys, they are set up in a location where we are told "hundreds" of geese have been landing each day. Boy, we can hardly wait!

First off Keith decides to field strip his gun and remove some extraneous parts he has discovered. Now we are ready to shoot! Is that a goose I hear?

Oh oh........what's with this long faced critter?

The decoys seem to be having the wrong affect. It is time to pull up stakes and move onto "plan B".......location number 2.

This is much better. Keith craftily disguises himself as a bail of hay. Keith, are you there....where are you?

Perfect. Hardly a horse in sight! Will the geese show up?

Success! We each bag a bird and Bell is happy to retrieve them. Her expression seems to be saying "It's about time!".

The "Great Grey Hunter" and sidekick striking a pose. The dog is really the only one that knows what to do in this photo.

As the sun sets on Keith and Bell, I reflect on an interesting day, and wonder why my back will no longer straighten up.............stay tuned for "Keith & Gord's sharptail grouse adventure".


  1. Gord...Bottles of beer, walleyes, Mercury 4-strokes, and now geese. You are a natural born killer

  2. Nice job and GREAT pics..
    Sounds like another Gord adventure to me...

  3. Is that a lake trout in your goose blind?