Thursday, September 30, 2010

Clearwater Lake......late Fall.....

A week ago I ventured back into Clearwater Lake to visit the lake trout and whitefish. These two Rapala ice fishing lures were big producers.

They even work on the whitefish..............

Big Bob from Virden, Manitoba caught his very first laker on this trip. Come on Bob, smile!!

The other half of the family managed to tie into one of those deep water pike. What the heck are they doing in 70 feet of water!? Eating trout and whitefish of course.

Estimated 38 inches, 14 pounds, this young lad was pretty happy! The fish took off like a rocket when released. Now check out this video I made with my new Pentax Optio W90 camera.......pretty cool!


  1. Gord, keep up the great posts! I love the addition of video as long as it doesn't apply to your "moose hunt" adventure. When I get back from north carolina I will post a video of gord filleting one of those pike. I have experienced a few of these deep pike on clearwater and have also been surprised by their ability to recover. I think the cold water and slow retrieval to the top helps. Your use of ice jigs is an excellent idea!

  2. Great job and that pike was a hell of a catch on clearwater. 14 lbs at 38" is a nice fish any day...

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  4. Hi Gord...That pike was beautifully marked. And I agree with you that some are down deep in order to feast on trout and whitefish. There have to be some monstorious pike in this lake doing just that.

    One of these years, I'm going to tear myself away from Eagle and fish the hell out of Clearwater for several consecutive days. When this time comes, I'm going to force myself to stretch my ability to find and catch elusive fish. Possible trophy fish. Maybe next year I'll push through into the unknown the find a breakthrough.

  5. Hi Gord.

    That is one great looking Northern, and I suspect you the Professor may be on to something about them being large and feeding deep.

    I wonder if the same logic applies to the Muskies in Eagle ???