Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall is here

I have again enjoyed watching everyone's post from their visits over the summer to VBL. My father and I visited this year in July and the walleye bite was great.

Dad caught a 50 inch Muskie while reeling in a 20 inch Pike. Gord took us to Clear Water lake and then on up to Rock lake. It was breath taking and pristine. The small mouth bass were everywhere, and Gord taught us some new techniques that even us old dogs enjoyed and are implementing back home for more success. Overall the fishing seemed to be even better than last year and we limited out just 5 days into our visit.

The lady of the house (lodge) was out for the week and Gord was out of control in the Gin room every night. He was always bushy tailed and bright eyed in the morning though. Well, except for the morning that he realized that he forgot to put water back in the minnow tank and had a hundred dead minnows in the morning. :-) He blamed it on the drain pipe falling down, but we all know it was the whiskey.

Mike was busy building a traditional log cabin style building down by the entrance to the lodge. It would be nice to see some finished pictures of that.

MNR even visited this summer, but I'll let Gord explain that one.

I'm posting some pics of of our trip, and will eventually get around to posting more as it gets cooler this fall and the bite stops.

I'll put in a shameless plug for my new brew blog at
Since the fishing in Kansas sucks I have rededicated my time to perfecting the art of brewing beer at home. I'll take some to VBL when I visit again next year.


  1. Sound like you guy's had a GREAT trip to VBL...
    Now the minnow line we all have heard this season.... BULLSHIT ALERT!!!!!

    This line was pulled on us at least 2 maybe 3 times in May as the Professor and Andy will confirm...

  2. Perchmaster...I'm thinking that Gord should get out of the minnow business altogether. The money he would save on "mishaps" might allow him to offer more generous discounts. At a minimum, more soap and toilet paper in the cabins.

  3. Neil,

    I liked the post on the beer blog about the beer battered VBL bass. Do tell us more about the MNR visit.

  4. Let's just say the MNR were staking out "the rock" for a suspicious boat that had been camped out there for several days. The "constable" at a certain lodge had some concern over the number of fish that went into the boat and did not come back out. Neil was performing some undercover work in the vicinity and gathering details. The long and short of it was they were charged with over their limit of fish. This was after a visit to the lodge that they were staying at. It is not the one you are thinking of though.....I should probably not mention it on this blog but you could email me for the particulars. Anyways....good work Neil!

  5. Atta boy Neil and constable B! Hand these things over to the big hand of the law. I'm glad these things keep Gord up at night as they should, but we want to keep Gord and Mike out of jail.


  6. Are you sure we want to keep them out of jail?
    Maybe Susanne would like them there sometimes?

  7. No jail for this ole boy, I work for big brother and that would not be good. The boat of mention was grossly over fishing and keeping everything they landed. I simply social engineered them and got the goods on where they were staying.

    It was unbearable watching GB twitch and fret every time the boat was right in front of the lodge and netting another 9 inch walleye and high fiving each other. I had to do something.

    The beer batter fish turned out great and I am going to post another recipe for fish this weekend. I'm brewing a Trappist Rochefort 8 Abbaye St_remy this weekend and will post pics of the project as it evolves.

    Since Gord has thrown out the challenge of making some beer as good or better than the great White North's best, I have decided to step up my game and go for the beers from the old home land.

    I took my boy fishing this morning and as usual the fishing sucked here in Kansas, and this further reinforced my brewing aspirations.

    Now back to my man cave...

  8. I am guessing this guilty camp scatters like cockroaches when the lights go on everytime they hear the theme song from Copps. Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatcha you going to do when they come for you....