Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Professor and Missus Welcome a New Bundle of Joy Into the Family

Well, the dirty deed is done. I went into the marketplace and found a replacement boat. This was done strictly for medical reasons. My wife has been unhappy about the ride of my Crestliner 1650 Fish Hawk, the Nanjo Minnow, for several years now. She complained about big waves causing her neck to become tender. Plus, there were problems with wind and rain that she found disconcerting. I did my best to make her comfortable, but nothing I did proved satisfactory. Finally, I realized that the only solution was a different boat--one that was longer, wider and with a windshield. More powerful, too. I hoped to find a deal on a used WWII PT boat. But these things are hard to locate and might be difficult to dock at VBL.

What I settled on was a Crestliner 1750 Fish Hawk. This has been named Nanjo II. I believe this boat will cure my wife's medical problems. Unfotunately, it is producing much anxiety for me. I have spent decades controlling a boat with a tiller handle while fishing, socializing and entertaining. Now, I have to learn how to do all of this with a steering wheel.

It is not going well. The missus and I went for our first ride in the Nanjo II last week. Within two minutes I found a rock that saw fit to reconfigure the geometry of the prop. TWO MINUTES! I was so pissed off at myself. After many deep breaths and considerable cursing, I composed myself and remembered that I loved my wife and was grateful for the new ride.

Anyone out there looking to buy a used 1650 with a Honda 50?

Let me close by acknowledging your kind thoughts concerning my smashed fingers. Neither finger got infected from the surgical proceedure performed by Gord and both are healing nicely. The many well wishes, cards, flowers, chocolates and bottles of Canadian Whiskey are deeply appreciated.


  1. Nice looking ride you picked up Professor.
    Now a bow mount trolling motor and some depth finders and you should be good to go. To bad you decided to break the prop in so soon.
    And we all know we need to make the women happy!!!

  2. Wow......great looking upgrade Professor! I would investigate a Minnkota "Advantage" rear mounted trolling motor to further enhance the medicinal value of the new rig! This would also give you the feeling of still running a tiller.

    Too bad about the rock...at least with running a steering wheel you will never be near the motor when you hit something......

  3. Too bad about the rock...at least with running a steering wheel you will never be near the motor when you hit something......

    That is till he gets into one of your boats Gord!!!

  4. C'mon Joe. You showed us a picture of your bloody fingers, but no pictures of the dinged stainless steel prop? We can take it. this is a PG blog.