Sunday, October 17, 2010

50+ inch Muskie

So as to not give away the secret spot, I have removed all background from the pic.

Here is the beast. 50-52 inches. Ernie Hull is the proud fisherman.

It was caught and released. Thanks Gord!


  1. OK enough of the waiting game bring on part 2 of the show

  2. Great looking fish. Congratulation and I am also looking forward to part 2.

  3. Actually this is one and two. I didn't think I would get the photo up when I got the video done.

    This fish was so big it did not fit in the huge net that we borrowed from Gord. It took as long to boat this damn thing as it did to get it to the boat. Since it took two to get it out of the water, no more video was shot.

  4. Exciting video Neil! I like the way you played the bongo's while the fish was being brought to the boat! How cool is that?!

    I recognize the background as being from Eagle Lake.

  5. Biggest fish I ever hooked. Have caught lots of 4-6 pound large mouth bass this exceeded and of those for excitement.
    Eagle Lake is the best. Thanks for taking me Neil and for your hospitality Gord.
    Looking forward to returning in the spring of 2011.