Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ice Fishing, March 15th, 2011

Susanne and I took an adventure trip to fish Lake of the Woods for crappie, and Shoal Lake for whitefish. These are both huge lakes and fortunately we had a good guide, Scott and Lynn.

I had never caught a crappie before so this was something unique for me.

The whitefish were bruisers and we caught a bunch! For a full, detailed report on the day's activities just click on the link below to view the video production!


  1. Hi Gord/Susanne...This outing must have been lots of fun. Beautiful weather, good fishing and steamy fish chowder with friends. Those whitefish are mighty impressive.

  2. Wow! It' sworth the trouble to finally check out the Lake down the road!
    'Good fishing, Good Times

  3. Dandy whitefish, indeed! Can these be targeted on Eagle in mid June?

  4. Nice whitefish Gord those are some dandy"s that is for sure.
    Those crappies you caught are some great eats, maybe you save them and deep fry when we come in May? MMMM!!

  5. Sorry Perchmaste...ate those crappies yesterday. They were great!

    Teal River....I think you need to try for some whities this June!

  6. Gord,

    Down south they call these fish "crappy" like the sewer trout the professor is fond of pursuing.


  7. Wow nice fish, sorry that i havn't posted any comments lately but life is busy. You guys really know how to enjoy the great white north. Well done, can't wait to be there.

  8. Gord...I couldn't get the video links to work?