Monday, March 14, 2011

Ice Fishing with Henry......

Henry has been a regular guest of VBL for the past number of years, chasing muskie, walleye and anything else that will bite in his "man boat". This past week he paid us a visit to try something fishing. Here he is jigging for lake trout on Teggau Lake, which at over 500 feet deep is one of the deepest lakes in the region.

An eater walleye from a spot in Vermilion Bay, on Eagle. Besides never having ice fished before, Henry had never driven a snowmachine before.......pretty exciting stuff, for a Polish guy from Chicago.

Susanne and Henry pose with a nice selectin of lake trout from a small lake off of Eagle.......

They were a dark copper colour, but very tasty...........

Yours truly with a dandy walleye from Vermilion Bay. Caught in 25 feet of water on a Salmo Chubby Darter. Released to spawn this spring. Is that the lodge in the background?


  1. Nice pictures. I love the quiet and "clean" of the North Country in winter. Those are some dandy fish. Gord, how big was the walleye you are pictured with?

  2. Gord, did you take any fish out of the 500'(!) lake? If so, how deep were they?

  3. Now that was a nice report. Good to see Henry got Gord off his couch and do some fishing.
    Those are some dark lake trout...
    Dandy walleye Gord let the darter do it's thing.

  4. Watch out Perchmaster. Now that Gord has yours eyes glued to the blog,he will follow-up with one of those troubling sauna photos.

    Perhaps Susanne has a new pet name for Gord? The Chubby Darter.

  5. Andy don't remind him of the eye damaging picture we don't need that on the blog.
    Susanne has a nickname for him alright but it is not darter....

  6. Gord...How many cases of beer did Henry bring up?

  7. Hey Joe why bring beer to Canada there beer is good stuff.
    Moosehead in my frig I can taste it already!!
    Right Gord?

  8. So many questions. O.K....Teal River, I didn't measure the walleye but it would seem to be somewhere between 26 to 36 inches (the latter if you are using the "Dandy Liar's Lodge" method of exaggerating fish sizes. In the lake that was 500 feet deep we caught them at about 70 feet.....we learned later from others that there was a bunch of fish suspended at 40 feet. Non of the fish we caught were very large..3 or 4 pounds. I did catch one in there years back that was 36 inches long. Professor, Henry brought up 3 cases of Polish beer (litre bottles). What did you want to know about the Chubby Darter Andy?

  9. Lezajsk for all! Twenty-six inches, very nice.