Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can a Dead Fish Be Revived?

Sadly, a dead fish cannot be revived. However, all is not lost if you have lifeless fillets aging somewhere in your freezer since last summer. These fish are losing their table-quality as each day passes. Gord does a fine job cleaning and packaging our fish to take home from VBL, but they will acquire a serious off-taste after several months in the freezer. If you have a package of fillets leftover, pull it out and take a good look. You will see ice crystals and signs of freezer burn on the flesh. Not good, but the fillets can be revived if you act very soon. Noted below is the remedy that works for me.

Start by defrosting the package of fillets overnight in the refridgerator. Rinse well and cut off the skin tag and any whitish spots or areas that look funky. Next, soak the fillets in buttermilk for an hour or two. Then rinse again, pat dry and prepare the fish using lots of seasonings that would eliminate any remaining off taste. I don't understand food science well enough to explain what the buttermilk does, but it works wonders.

Gord introduced me to a recipe that is perfect for past-prime fish (or fresh) and I think you would really enjoy it --pan-fried fish cakes. I've made this dish many times for friends and family and they love it. Email me for the recpie if you wish.


  1. Nice post Joe and if I did not know better I would think Gord posted that pic for you cause of the bottle of wine from Susanne's wine cellar

  2. Ask the professor sometime about what else he soaks in buttermilk to take care of aging. This tends to be a frequent occurrence when he's on the sauce.

  3. A timely post Professor, to all those who still have last year's fish in the freezer! Use it soon, don't waste it, you need to eat it..