Sunday, March 20, 2011

Finale to the March Break Ice Fishing Frenzy....

It has been March Break here at Vermilion Bay Lodge, and while in the past this has been our chance to split to warmer climates, this year we decided to hang out at the lodge and do more ice fishing. Over the past two days we have fished Clearwater Lake (Holly above with a whitefish)....

......and a lake trout. These were the only two fish we caught! (###note: NewMexicam has pointed out the "snowmachine lure" that this trout was caught on. Yes, it's true, and it almost swallowed the whole seat!)

Even with a number of holes and fishermen! That's fishing.........

.......there is always the fire and some food to take your mind off the slow bite.

When things get real boring then take a drive. Here we are at.......can you guess where? If you said Caribou Lake then you are correct. Anyone who has ever been there will have caught bass around this large boulder.

The next day Susanne and I ventured back to Teggau Lake (500 feet deep, remember?). We did pretty good in a couple hours..........

......probably 7 fish caught, with these four kept.

On the way home we did some adventuring and came across a fresh deer carcass and some wolf tracks.........also a whole pile of deep slush. This picture doesn't do it justice, but getting stuck in 12 inches of slush is not for the weak hearted. We survived to tell the tale. Weather has warmed and things are wet........perhaps a trip to take gas into the portage lakes needs to occur soon.


  1. Gord,

    Excellent post. I have now gone two consecutive winters without a single ice fishing trip. I am envious. Wisconsin has been getting weather around 60 degrees F. and today it rained all day. The professor are hoping to get out on soft water at the end of this month on Lake Michigan.

  2. Also. Quit procrastinating. Get that gas and those brand new motors to the portage lakes!

  3. Terrific pictures! If I weren't busy building custom fishing rods in the winter, I'd love to give ice fishing a try.

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  5. Great post Gord and some rare pics of Holly fishing, all those early years up at VBL lodge and I don't think I saw her with a fishing rod in her hands.
    Andy you need to get out and fish some hardwater I only got out 5 times myself this year but that is cause of work not my fault.

  6. Andy...You neglected to mention the new seats for the portage boats that Gord promised to install. I look forward to fishing out of a seat that doesn't require my chin to rest on my knees.

    Also, there is something very strange about Holly in the second photo. Enlarge to maximum and take a good look. Is this some kind of mustard fetish or what?

  7. You neglected to mention the new seats for the portage boats that Gord promised to install.

    Good point Professor I forgot about that.. That is one thing I am looking forward to on the portage trip cause that fishing without a seat is hard on the back.
    If there is no seats in the boats on the portage trip your trip is free!!! I think that is what Gord said in one of his posts if you look back far enough.

  8. Good one Perchmaster....oh, the seats will be there. Good thing, too......especially for someone like you who has no arse cheeks to speak of. This will be much more comfy.

  9. Because Middleton Wisconsin is home of the mustard museum, I have to ask...what's wrong with a mustard fetish?

    Maybe Holly's toe nails are green in celebration of the Superbowl Packers? We all saw the old picture of Mike wearing the Packers cap.

  10. So Colonel Mustard lives in Middleton? And here I always thought he was in the library....with the lead pipe......

  11. Yes Gord my boney ass needs those seats just think of all the fish Mark and I can catch when we are much comfortable, we might put up Dandy type numbers

  12. Perchmaster...Dandy-type numbers will damn near kill you. A few years back there was a description of an incredible day of walleye fishing by a small group of anglers, two boats at most, on some fly-in lake. It was noted that they hauled in about a thousand walleyes during the course of the day. I did a little math and calculated that time needed for stopping to eat, rest or simply to pee would not be available. It would have been necessary to pee in their pants to catch that many fish. I recommend you wear Depends.

  13. A man can dream. However based on some of the reports it would seem like a lot of gord's competitors do a lot of dreaming. Sometimes they are so busy they forget to take pictures of those 15 pound walleyes.

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  15. Professor said: Perchmaster...Dandy-type numbers will damn near kill you
    What a way to go Joe we have had day's at times but to have that non stop all day not going to happen like those guy's say.
    Andy said: A man can dream
    Yes Andy we can...
    Get me in that comfy boat on that said lake Gord is putting those seats in on and I will have some story's for you.
    And Andy and Joe to let you know I have confirmation this past week-end that those seats will be in... I am saving that e-mail that is for sure.

  16. Get the gas there asap! Don't want to row around rock lake this year.

    Nice pics.

    I'm betting the melt off will be April 12th.

  17. Neil, you might want to wait on that ice out guess. I will be posting soon on the ice out predictions....will give some updates on current conditions so you will have a better chance of making an informed guess.

    Gas has been delivered. Still need to get back to Clearwater and fix up the ramp. It seems the logs couldn't support the weight of the Professor and Andy.....both "big boys". I would hate for them to fall through and rip a nylon or break a fingernail.

  18. Gord,

    Did you get those rod holders installed on the clearwater boats? See: