Monday, March 21, 2011

"Time on the Water".....Quote #7

"I gave Birch Lake another try today and...didn't catch a fish...Stan Godfrey arrived and went out on Crab tonight with Mike, but they didn't catch any or see anything big. They ran into Terry Tassi on the lake, and he didn't catch anything either. That's one nice thing about musky fishing. If you don't catch anything, it's nothing to be ashamed of. Everybody understands."

-Bill Gardner


  1. Teal River Brad...I can say with certainty that the missus would not "understand" if I routinely came home from fishing trips without fish to cook. Her view is that I've got the pricey equipment and I'd better produce with it. When I don't, I can expect a severe tounge-lashing coupled with having to sleep in the guest room for up to a week. But, nowadays I'll sneek some store-bought fish home to avoid her strict side. God help me if she ever catches on.

  2. Professor, this explains your gourmet touch in preparing fish. No doubt, a cold bed sounds uninviting, especially if not connected with a fishing trip. My advice: stay away from muskie fishing.