Saturday, April 2, 2011

VBL Guest Profile #1..."The Round Island Boys"

In this new series, "The Guests of Vermilion Bay Lodge", we will shine our spotlight on those folk who make the annual trek to Eagle Lake in NW Ontario. Who are they and what makes them tick? The "Round Island Boys" from Milwaukee, enigma wrapped in a shroud of mystery? A group of walleye anglers led by a leader driven by the need to catch as many fish, and drink as many beer, as possible? Let's view the details.......
Back row (left to right).....Arnie Novak.....known for catching geriatric walleye and landing the "big one" while fishing solo. Steve Blatter....has been seen trimming trees at the lodge around cabin #6 to allow for better monitoring of Round Island...a seasoned walleye veteran. Rob Hanel...don't let his sleepy demeanor fool you, his walleye catching prowess is second only to his ability to smoke cigars and consume Labatt's Blue. Front row (left to right)....Pat Mitchell...reluctant bottom bouncer and accidental muskie angler....knows his way to the beer fridge. Mike Mitchell...known for his ability to navigate Eagle Lake and, in particular, a route to Round Island in a fog. Also, passionately driven to try and pull the starter cords out of the camp motors.

Favourite time to fish Eagle Lake Ontario............end of August, Early September

Favourite cabin at Vermilion Bay Lodge...............cabin #6

Favourite activities........jigging for walleye, shorelunch, campfires, sitting on the deck by cabin #6, cigars, beer, fishing Eagle Lake, relaxing in the screened porch, harassing each other.

Favourite fishing might be Round Island??


  1. Gord, this is a great idea. Just be carefully in what you say about me and my girls.

  2. I'm with Teal River GREAT idea you got Gord.
    Just remember be NICE!!!

  3. These boys know how to jig. They are jigging machines. Great logo!

  4. The Round Island Boys are likely the world's leading experts on catching walleyes off Round Island. Years of rigorous investigation and study has resulted in a highly deailed understanding of the bottom structure. Virtually every square foot of the bottom, from the shoreline to 60 feet out, is mapped. The walleyes have no place to hide, and it's only a matter of time before they get caught.

    The Round Island Boys use a common method, jigging, but with a twist--they strictly fish Round Island. These guys are patient and know that eventually the fish will bite. And it doesn't matter if the wait takes hours or even days. They are always ready the moment the fish turn on. They are perhaps the most disciplined group of anglers on Eagle Lake.