Saturday, April 9, 2011

Eagle Lake Ice Out........Update #1

Incremental changes are happening to the landscape, and to Vermilion Bay on Eagle Lake. It has been a long winter but things are turning around.
I decided to throw in a few shots of the creek and road culvert to help give you a sense of the "big melt". A bit of current beginning to show up as things heat up a bit.

A few days later and it is not looking a lot different.....or is it? Where is Waldo?

More current though........and less ice at the culvert. Hmmm.....?

A quick walk out to the Gull Rock reveals a healthy flock of gulls showing their displeasure at the hounds. I thought the ice seemed to be changing quite rapidly...

This photo shows the power of the April sunshine. This leaf was sunk down about six inches into the ice due to it's ability to attract solar energy. So, are you quietly shaking your head over your ice out guess? Predictions are for some substantial rain over this weekend.....still plenty of time to formulate a guess if you haven't already done so.

1 comment:

  1. Think I would have shot for another date now that I see how fast things are changing.
    Guess I will have to watch the Gillespie show Sunday as they were fishing Eagle Lake.