Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Time on the Water".....Quote #15

"Tassi and I saw two muskies today and they saved us the trouble of taking them off the hook and putting them back into the water. I'll admit the Muskies, Inc. guys are great sportsman, releasing all those fish, but I believe I've gone them one better. I simply don't catch the fish in the first place. And some of those I haven't caught are damn big too."

-Bill Gardner


  1. The first 14 quotes from Bill Gardner convinced me that he was a little funny about his musky fishing. However, this last quote really brought things into focus for me. Clearly, this guy enjoys fishing for musky, but he has a serious aversion to actually catching a musky. Perhaps this is a phobia akin to enjoying the company of others as long as you don't spend time with them.

  2. Professor, are your friends aware of your phobia?