Saturday, April 2, 2011

Electric Beaver.....The Hard Copy.

I just received my own hard copy of the 2010 season of the Electric Beaver! 164 pages of rivetting, action packed reading.
When you are next at Vermilion Bay Lodge, be sure to browse through the archives of what took place in 2010.
Any idea who these 4 attractive looking fans of the Electric Beaver are? What are they looking at, and why are they hunched over? Maybe it's better to not know!


  1. Look forward to checking out the hard copy...
    Another nice idea for your new guest to look through when they make the trip to VBL..

  2. Looks very interesting!
    If it's in print the stories must be TRUE...
    I'm looking forward to seeing the book uo close and personal.
    The t-shirt wearing group photo is impressive.

  3. I have been known to piss on the camp fire to put it out. However, I've never participated in a group "piss-out". I would think that would be much more effective. Who organized this event?

  4. Can we expect a copy to be available in the Dandy Liars Fly-In Outpost library?