Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eagle Lake Ice Out.....2011..."Guess the date!!!"

Well, folks, it is time once again to start buffing up your crystal balls. Yes, that's right, put down your carrot and put on your thinking caps. To help you with your mission, I present a few images from the Vermilion Bay Lodge vault. First up, the April 2nd, 2010 image of Eagle Lake as seen from the lodge deck. Remember that this was an extremely early ice out year....April 14th to be exact. Congratulations to Chuck Weiss for nailing that one.
Second up, the image from a few days back of the same April 2nd date....only from 2011. Can you spot the difference? If you guessed that the flag was blowing in a different direction you are working on a different contest....but good use of detail!

Another shot from April 2nd, 2011......this time looking towards the lodge. All those nice cabins just waiting for guests to arrive on their annual Eagle Lake adventure!

Susanne and the hounds heading towards the little island by the lodge.....

It turned out to be a warm day and the result was some watery ice. Still a couple feet of solid ice according to my Jiffy ice auger.......and trucks are still driving on it.

Your Mission....should you be willing to accept it .... Be the first to guess correctly the date that Vermilion Bay on Eagle Lake is ice free and win a very nice Vermilion Bay Lodge fleece zippered hoodie (new this year, and to die for!). Submit your entry by clicking on Gord and I will make note of your guess. Remember....the first correct entry will win the prize and glory.....but before you rush and make a rash decision consider the following. Do you bide your time to be able to check my ice condition updates.....or do you throw caution to the wind to enter that "special date" before someone else? You only get one chance and the judge's decision is final. Anyone can enter, even those that are just lurkers on this site. My only stipulation is you must pick up your prize at VBL. Good luck and keep tuned for my ice update posts!


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  2. 2' of solid ice with little snow cover!!!
    I did notice the girls in the one picture are getting a little grey!!!! O'crap that comment may get me in trouble but then again I have been known to do that from time to time.. Maybe the comment will get someone to chime in on the blog?
    Looks to me that you should be out fishing Gord looks like some great conditions!!!

  3. Will have to work on a guess. Here's hoping for a later ice out to keep those Lakers up in the shallows!


  4. This contest has "fiasco" written all over it.

  5. Okay so heres a wild guess Gord, April 28th. That way the lakers will still be in the shallows when we come up

  6. Gee Hugh, you're supposed to read the rules and email me your guess (click on "gord")....all is to remain secret till ice out. Date noted...don't suppose anyone else will want that date now...Ha!