Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Eagle Lake Blog vs. Electric Beaver....

Over the past few months I have been trying to move the Eagle Lake Blog to a new level that will actually work better for letting folks know about Vermilion Bay Lodge, and Eagle Lake. So far my technical progression has been slow......I am somewhere on the left hand side of the monkey scale.
In order to do this a "new" site has been created...... Why you may ask? They both look the same, don't they? Sort of....but not really. In the world of social media, google, facebook, etc ....things have changed. The new site allows for the potential to reach many more folk about the great things Vermilion Bay Lodge has to offer.......rather than just preaching to the converted (that's you, a VBL regular guest).

The Blogspot site is like a grumpy old man........charming, somewhat smelly, and stuck in a rut (hey, that kind of describes me?). So, just to put you on notice, you may find some changes happening here.......and you may find some interesting stuff over on the Electric Beaver site if you wander over there. My plan is to start doing more posts over there but still leaving a tie-in to this site. Be sure and check out and let me know what you think.


  1. Let me see if I got this right. Are you saying that the previously "converted" must now be reconverted? If so, will there be some kind of ceremony to make the reconversion official?

  2. Me Professor I am a little confused.... To me the new site is a little strange yet but let's see where it takes us. I like the idea of Vermilion Bay Lodge web site on Facebook that is where you can get noticed Gord and as I mentioned before you need to have it set that you can recommend the page to others so they can either like it or become a friend... Just my thoughts if you trying to get out there and be noticed.

  3. Perchmaster.....the new site is a little strange, and stranger to work with, but there is a learning curve. I think the facebook issue you mention might be solved by clicking on the post comment thing at the takes you to the VBL facebook page where it is posted. Then it goes elsewhere... at least that is how I think it works! By the way, my original facebook page was deleted, so you may need to revisit it and become a "friend" once again.

  4. Gord,

    You are going to need to do some coaching for the monkeys at the end of the line. How do you comment on the new .ca site? How do you contribute?