Friday, May 22, 2009

VBL Tourney Time........

Toronto Artist Charles Weiss did a great job of creating hand carved wood replica take home trophys for this years Walleye Madness Week (July 25- Aug 1) and the Muskie Madness Week (Sept 12-19). I had a cancellation for the Walleye Madness week and have one (2 bedroom) cabin still available for that week. Still have a few left for the Muskie Week. Lots of sure and give it a shot!


  1. CONTESTS! Good Luck to everyone who participates.
    I really enjoyed creating these trophies.
    I hope they arrive in one piece in the mail.
    chuck in Toronto

  2. Chuck,

    You do great work. I still enjoy looking at the 2008 troph! Wasn't Gord going to have you make a tierra for the perch-o-rama? Gord...we want to see a picture of those bull perch in the sink.


  3. Charles did get to see your trophy when they came in GREAT work I must say just to bad on the shipping of the trophy's.
    Andy sorry to dissapoint but the water was way to COLD this year for a perch killing, my guess is that perch killing is 2 weeks away yet if warm weather shows it's face in Canada this year.