Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's Official......Ice Out, May 7, 2009

The Bay is ice free as of this morning! Congratulations to Ed Perkis for predicting correctly and thank you to all the rest who participated.

I know that certain, sceptical guests may claim that there is ice shown in the picture (behind the flag pole). Sorry Joe, those are ducks.


  1. It uses more muscles to frown than to smile. Plus being bitter will ultimately give you wrinkles. I would hate to see that baby-bum smooth face become ravaged with self-pity. Besides you were only off by one day! NOTE: I have awarded you, as a runner up, a classic VBL mug. Do you feel better now?

  2. I've changed my mind....skip the mug, I'm keeping it for myself!

  3. I'm with the Professor This contest was rigged!
    I will steal me a hoodie when Gord is napping guy's let me know your size and send money for shipping and I will make sure we all get hoodies.

    Hey did I hear "HOODIES for everyone"?
    It will be tough napping this year on shore Gord when you have to keep one eye on the lodge from your chair?

  4. Really Gord thanks for the contest it was fun to watch the pictures as the ice was going out.
    Some really nice pictures from other views.
    Now maybe we will have to run another contest?
    Like maybe biggest perch in May?

  5. One benefit of doing this is now I have a record of stuff that happens around here. I can't rely on my selective memory anymore.

  6. Professor,
    Chalk this up as another VBL contest fiasco.

  7. In the words of a wise 2008 walleye madness guest, "bull____, this contest was rigged".

  8. It is sad to see the profound effects of male menopause on some of my guests. Apparently it has even compromised their ability to catch well as make predictions! To Joe and Andy, our thoughts are with you....buckle down boys, the "professors gone wild week" will be here before you know it. (August 15-22, for those who are not faint of heart)

  9. male menopause this coming from the guy who naps all day long while we make him look good!!!!!
    Hope the weather start to improve your way I hate fishing in the snow!!!
    Ready to give you a few lessons Gord and I have the secret homemade bait for this year you will want in your tackle box.
    Also have the new hot jigs coming with me you will die for them.
    Game on Gord!!!!!