Wednesday, May 6, 2009

And The Ice Out Winner Is.......

..........not anybody who guessed May 6th!


  1. On your last picture there I would not call that ice out just yet?
    Guess May 11th is not going to get it done.
    O'well I gave it the old college try.
    O crap thats right I did not go to college. HAHA!!!
    I will collect my hoodie anyways Gord in 2 weeks.

  2. I guess that Andy character must be a brilliant guy! As I read the rules it says, "Closest guess wins". He might have to wear his Dandy Liars hoody, but he has a hell of a mug collection going.

  3. Sorry Andy, it's either one or the're either right (and win a hoodie) or you were the closest (and win a mug). As in past Walleye Madness Weeks, there are those that are forever the bridesmaid...never the bride.

    Perchmaster..if you read the caption below the picture you would have realized that May 6th is NOT the right guess.

  4. Ice Situation CONTEST!
    EXCELLENT! Guess!
    Let the open water fishing begin.
    All the best this season'
    Chuck in Toronto

  5. Does anyone actually read what I write? My humour must be too "cutting edge" for some people.........

  6. Gord said...
    Does anyone actually read what I write? My humour must be too "cutting edge" for some people.........
    Hey Gord if we all want to read BS we can go over to the site across the bay!!!
    We read, some of us know you well enough to let you slide on your BS sometimes.
    I will let my talking take care of itself when we hit the open water in 2 weeks.
    Then we will see who the man is!!!!
    Besides here we go again your spelling of humor is cracking me up!!!!

  7. Humour is the Canuck is labour, colour, etc. A slightly different take on things up here....different words, different spelling, bigger fish, better beer.......

    "Who the man is" that the game you and Mark play in the cabin?

  8. You funny guy.
    You keep refering to this game in cabin 2 I am thinking you have your own ideas?
    Keep it up!!!

  9. Gord,

    My memory must be getting really bad. Who was it again that won the walleye madness tournament last year? And not to rub it in, but was the margin one of those piddler saugers you mentioned in a previous post, or was it by a very wide margin? We'll leave it to the '09 gang to rack up more points this year.