Monday, May 25, 2009

Fishing update.......

Water temps are cool and lake trout are hot. As was last spring, the trout are shallow and scattered. Walleye are scattered as well with the exception of some shore line spawning activity in the evening and early morning. These are very localized and top secret locations, but loaded with aggresive fish. I'm hoping with some warming water temperatures the walleye will begin to concentrate in their more "normal" early spring locations. The perch queens are holding off on their perch quest till things heat up a bit..............stay tuned.


  1. Gord the Great Laker fisher!
    That ia a vwery inspiring site.Nice to see them fish!Very inspiring. Reminds me of a wood carving I finished earlier this month.
    All the best.
    Chuck in Toronto

  2. Gord...I see you have two hands.

    I don't know what makes me more envious: the fish, or the picture of the bay without a boat in sight. You are going to have to start editing out the background so as not to give away all of your top secret fishing spots.


  3. I was thinking the background could be one of many possibilities. Email me your guess and I will confess to the location. Of course on this blog we never give out location info to anyone but our guests. Just an incentive to be a VBL regular.

    Where doth the Professor be?

  4. I've been in Chicago helping friends ready their home for sale. And I leave momentarily for more of the same.

    I fully intend to clear up "the mystery of the green glove" when I return.

    Plus, there will be timely walleye and smallmouth tips that I will offer up.

  5. Chuck in Toronto
    Hey! with all these good laker fishing action, why not list the lakers from the The Beaver Newsletter.
    It would give a good indication of the time of year and size of fish that are in the Lodges "catchzone"?

  6. Nice fish, Gord! Looks like the twin of the one I had.

    I hope to have a report up on the blog sometime over the weekend!

  7. Looking forward to your report. By the way, my fish was way bigger than yours!

    The Perchmaster caught two 28" walleyes after you left. I'm sure he will want to post something on that.

  8. Looking forward to your report. By the way, my fish was way bigger than yours!
    Now Gord is it not you that made a comment while we sitting chatting while paying the bill when I said something like I had the 3 biggest walleyes?
    27 and 2-28's in 1 day.
    Now you don't see me bragging do you?
    Too bad you could not stick around Dustin when the walleye awake you have to be on them!!!