Friday, May 15, 2009

The Spring of '09....

Here's a shot from just up the road........Red Lake snowed in. Fortunately we are only getting rain and howling winds down here in the banana belt of Vermilion Bay. The highway to Red Lake was closed today due to snow. The snow plow equipment was put away for the summer. Merry Fishing to all......and to all a good night.......


  1. That just is not right!!!!

    Merry Fishing to all......and to all a good night.......You CRACK ME UP!!!!
    Warmer weather on the way mid week and forecast 15 day's out is really looking good so far!!!

  2. Hi All...Here's a little tip for fishing in tough conditions like those pictured above--wear safety glasses. Wind-driven sleet is not good for the eyeball area. Why? It hurts like hell and can cause you to get off the water prematurely.

  3. Professor You should fish with Gord on one of those day's?
    I have and he don't watch ahead he looks back the whole way.
    Must have eyes in the back of his head?