Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day trout fishing....

New Year's Day 2009 was not the deep freeze that we have been having the past few weeks. Some fresh snow greeted us in the morning as Susanne & I headed out to Delano Lake. Other than two other people fishing there today we had the lake to ourselves. At the same time last year we were able to listen to a pack of wolves serenade each other for probably a half hour. This year all was quiet. After a couple of "dud" spots (they were great in the fall!) we ended up back at our usual location and managed to catch four lakers....three of which we kept. All were caught on jigging spoons.


  1. Hey, those are some nice looking lakers ...

  2. Looks like some good eaters for the barbie Susanne? What time is dinner?
    You are dressed like it is cold up Nort?