Sunday, January 25, 2009

Change is good.......

Susanne has given me a new pair of snowshoes for my birthday (upcoming) and I am appreciating the upgrade to something new and not rotten. In much the same way I think many people are appreciating the change in leadership with our neighbours to the south. Not that Bush was old and rotten, but like my old snowshoes it was time to hang 'em up. It took a bit of research to find the traditional snowshoes that I was looking for. You might find this site interesting... ...they have been making snowshoes for 135 years!



  1. Gord,

    I know what you are thinking. How am I going to top this gift when it's Suzanne's birthday! Look no further. See:


  2. Hey BIG spender!!!!!
    Man I can't believe you would go that far and spend that much money on a fine young lady!!!
    Still can't see you on those shoes Gord unless I picture you laying on the couch with your feet up and those shoes on them. Nice picture of the dog though.

  3. Hey! let it snow let it snow....
    I really want to travel beside you Gord.
    If only I had a pair like yours, I'd look a little unusual in the Toronto Rat Race.
    Looks like you got it made.
    Perhaps,SOON Canada will have a new Political Leader TOO.

  4. Gord- YOu should check out Gord K's setup - He's into Skijoring now, where he puts his dogs in harness and they pull him around on ski's. Apparently he has a network of trails in north Minnitaki and loves it. Maybe you could try getting pulled around on your new snowhoes.haha

  5. Are snow hoes the same as what Gord callers peelers? I'm having a hard time keeping up with all these Canadian terms.

  6. Hi Gord...I hope your new shoes provide you many years of excellent service, but not so much that you rot away before they do. So, please use the hell out of them, make some new discoveries and stay healthy for a long time to come. That way I can keep coming back to VBL for many more fishing excursions.

    As for my ex-president--I'm thankful he and his administration are gone. I cannot think of any truely meaningful public policy initiatives that were good for ordinary Americans. Perhaps if I was wealthy I might think otherwise. The Obama administration brings hope for a better America and foreign relations, but the entrenched ineptitude of our Congress is a potent force for more bad ideas and policies. Ugh!