Thursday, January 15, 2009

Eagle Lake monster muskie sighting......

This dramatic photo submitted by Chuck Weiss, cub reporter for the Electric Beaver, proves that 10-ton muskies do exist! Sighted near the famous Bayview Hotel; the official watering hole of the annual Vermilion Bay Lodge Muskie Madness Week; this leaping leviathan may have been trying to digest an unlucky walleye angler spotted moments before this photo was taken.
The 5th Annual Vermilion Bay Lodge Muskie Madness Week......September 12 to 19, 2009....."Bring your harpoon"!


  1. That looks like the one I released this spring?

  2. Hi Andy...I couldn't recall why you released that brute. Was it because Gord doesn't like to clean the big ones? Or did it to do with the cost of a taxidermy mount?

  3. As any VBL guest knows....Gord is the master of the fillet knife and his domain. If you have found yourself sitting back sipping a malt beverage marveling in Gord's fillet skills, you really have to try an early season perch outing. Nothing brings a smile to Gord's face like a burlap bag full of bull perch. A musky of this proportion should fight another day and would be no match for Gord. Now a 5" perch or two...that's a trick.

  4. Wow! someone call old Larry Rammsel.
    This is one heck of a sighting.
    It rivals Husky the Musky of Kenora.
    Now, Eagle lake is even more of a world wide tourism destination!

  5. Is this the Andy Meyers blog?

  6. This picture of a jumping giant leviathan is similar to Loch Ness.
    It's got that old world feel, in a new world lake...
    Or soething like that.
    Chuck the photo toucher or re-toucher

  7. Chuck, I think it's the new world muskie with the old world feel..or something similar to that. It's new but old........and that is good.

  8. I thinkk this postcard would be perfect for the cover of the Sunset Country Tourism Magazine/Directory