Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cabin fever..

Here are a few of the island cabins/boat-houses in Vermilion Bay in their winter slumber. Recognize them? Let me give you a hint....McCall's Island, Round Island & Boathouse Island are shown. See if you can match them up.


  1. Everthing looks different with a coating of Canadaian Snow. I don't really remember these cabins on the lake.Some day I'll have to visit the lake in the winter. When will it All melt?

  2. Top...Round Island
    Middle...Boathouse Island
    Bottom...McCalls Island (or Mitchell's Island)

    End of March & early April is a good "snow melt" period.

  3. All please note: There are no fish near or around McCalls Island. That big muskie hangs out near Gull Rock.

    Neat Blog and pics, Gord.

    The Nebraskans