Friday, January 23, 2009

How do I post a comment on this blog?

As a foreign correspondent, I have a confession to make. I joined AARP this year. As an official old fart I am sometimes challenged by things that are not familiar to not catching fish at VBL or Blogs. As a Professor in training, I thought I would provide a brief tutorial on how to post a comment on this blog without having to actually set up a google account...

In the following example, you see a "post" on a topic related to huge muskies in Eagle Lake. At the bottom of the post there is a link titled "5 comments". If you were to click on the comments link.....
The comments link takes you to the comments posted by other guests in response to the posted topic.. There is a text box, titled "Post a comment". Type your comments in this box.....

After typing your comments, select "anonymous" from the drop down menu titled, "comment as". Then click on the button titled, "post comment". As just a suggestion, even if you are posting anonymously, you can tell us who you are in your comments!

This brings up a rather odd screen that has you verify a "word". Gord doesn't allow any illiterate guests at VBL. Type in the characters you see on screen (in this case "defluers") and then click on "finish". Your done! You will get a messgage that says, “your comment will be visible after approval”. Check back and you will see your post! in case you are wondering, "defluers" is Canadian for "the flowers".

Professor in training,

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