Thursday, May 13, 2010

You're only as young as you feel........

Is there a connection between Holly's recent birthday...............
and this lake trout from Clearwater Lake caught by the Professor last Fall? If you guessed the smile, then you are wrong. Let me back up a bit and say that this unusual fish, caught in September was 32 1/2 inches long, was a male, and weighed 14 1/2 pounds. It was unable to be successfully released due, in a large part, to the 2 or 3 pound whitefish it had in it's stomach. I had saved the frozen head of this fish until this Spring when I was able to give it to the MNR biologist for study. Well, in answer to the original question of what both this fish and Holly have in common......they are both 25 years old!
In further discussion with the MNR, the recent trout tagging operation on Eagle Lake has resulted in the oldest fish so far being a 22 year old female that weighed 22 pounds. The probable difference in growth rates for Eagle and Clearwater Lakes are likely a big factor in the size and age variation. Also too, a male fish would normally not get to be as large as a female. Bottom line is, these fish are slow growing and have a long life span. It is important to consider releasing these big lake trout.
On a different note, the fillets from this fish reportedly caused the Professor to have flashbacks to the mid 80's.


  1. Gord...I've looked at both photos and have found another connection--both are quite attractive.

    I must offer a correction on the reports of flashbacks caused by lake trout fillets. Not true. Unfortunately, I do get occassional flashbacks. My doctors believe these are caused by an over-indulgence in hallucinogenic drugs taken in the early 1970s.

  2. Professor you might want to think about seeing another doctor?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Holly hope you had a great day!!!
    My thinking is that Holly is better looking than the lake trout we can see where she gets her good looks from and that is not from Gord.
    Can you say brownie points for the Perchmaster?

  3. Holly:Good looking for 25 years!
    The lake trout is rather pale.