Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lake Trout Travel Trivia.....

Here's more interesting research from the MNR bio's in Dryden. You may recall that they had captured a few lake trout last year and implanted transponders for tracking purposes. At select spots on the lake are receivers which record each fish's movements past that location. Information from these receivers is downloaded twice a year.
I will be particularly interested in the new fish, "Susanne", captured this spring.

As you can see (click on the maps to enlarge) these fish are nomadic during the cold water times of the year, basically using much of Eagle Lake during the winter. Since typical lake trout lakes are mostly "sterile", clear water lakes, the Eagle Lake population must benefit greatly from being able to access the more fertile sections for at least 6 months of the year. I look forward to seeing this research continue. Remember if you catch a tagged lake trout please release it for the future information it will provide us.


  1. Hey Gord thanks for the update some great info they have provided with this tracking.
    Interesting to see the movement of the lake trout and where they visit all times of the year.

  2. What happened to "Joe" this spring? He's o.k. isn't he? Maybe he is holed up with Susanne in some warm remote back water bay?

  3. Thisis my favourite kind of Trivia pursuit.

  4. Kind of forgot about the ones Gorde named.
    Maybe he went to clearwater? HAHA!!!

  5. Good to see where the hot spots are. It takes some of the guessing out of where catch them more often. The strangle point after Walleye Hwy. is a where we hooked many last year.