Monday, May 31, 2010

The "eyes" have it....

As it turns out, the evening bite continues on the bay. I caught a nice 26" walleye last night while Joe and I caught several other respectible slot and over the slot eyes. It just goes to show you that you just have to continue trying new spots, new techniques, and new times. The day bite was not working well, but there is definitely an evening pattern that is very good right now.

We are not going to make it out tonight as we had a great portage trip over to Clear Water lake today. I wouldn't recommend the river route as the water levels are low and the beavers have been prolific. In one of the previous posts we showed you the deep lake trout bite results from the West arm. On Clear Water the lake trout were shallow....18' - 40". We caught well over a dozen nice lake trout on Clear Water lake and some very nice pike. Of course, VBL is the only lodge with boats on Clear Water.


  1. What happened to the professor's artificial limb?

  2. Anonymous I can tell you that was one of the jokes that Professor Joe pulled on me when I first met him.
    WTG Andy and Joe we warned you on the trip of the creek it was going to be a lot of work.
    While you made it that far you should have gone to McGregor for a while.
    Those first couple of pics you would think it was cold in Canada... HAHA!!!
    Keep the post coming I got another one to post up and then will throw another on towards the week-end.