Sunday, May 30, 2010

VBL Perch massacre 2010

Not sure but think Gord is going to have perch nightmares

A tub full of perch

Gord is like where the hell do I start

And we're off ...1 down and 95 to go

This is not bad but is giving me a sore back

The man has is down

Looks tasty don't they

And now for the packaging

This has gotten so bad I now drink American beer

Well as some of you VBL bloggers know there was some question if we were going to be able to get to those perch this year due to the low water levels from the dryer than normal winter/spring but GOOD news the trip was no problem at all and no beaver huts to go over.
The perch were scattered this spring compared to others. Due to the warm spring the perch were spawned out already and starting to scatter.
The walleye were even snapping this year during the perch fishing as they were sitting in 3 and 4' of water feeding on 1/32nd oz jigs tipped with chena bait.
I'm sure Sir Gord is still having perch nightmares and is probably glad we are gone and hopes not to see another perch for 12 months.
Will post other reports in the coming days of Eagle lake fishing and portage lake fishing.
Some good story's to add to the other reports so be sure to check back
And like Andy said if you did not book your trip to VBL yet "WHAT THE HELL YA WAITING FOR" the fish are snapping believe me.


  1. Nice job, boys. That's some good fishin' right there!!

  2. I look somewhat stunned and depressed in these pictures....some may say "whipped". I suppose perch will eventually turn even the toughest to drink.......... At least Mark filleted the smaller ones for me.

  3. Imagine how long it would take a "mere mortal" to go through that many perch.

  4. This is a giant selection of perch!
    The t-shirt Gord's wearing looks fantastic!

  5. Hey Charles you got me thinking maybe you need to come up with a grey colored T-shirt for the 2011 "PERCH MASACRE"?

    look somewhat stunned and depressed in these pictures....some may say "whipped". I suppose perch will eventually turn even the toughest to drink.........
    Hey it takes alot to whip the master with the fillet knife but hey at least we provided you with a beverage while cleaning.....
    You done good Gord

  6. I grew up fishing perch on Lake Mendota and thought I was the prince of the perch. The perchmaster and Mark have this fishery mastered. To put this in perspective, the professor and I went out the following day and managed to come home with 38 nice perch. This is one impressive sink full of perch. Gord is complaining about "perch elbow".

  7. Yea well Andy it don't take much for him to start complaining that is why we feed him beer..