Friday, May 28, 2010

Is it Spring, Summer, or Fall at VBL?

The professor and I are wrapping up our first week here at VBL and I have to say, its been an odd spring. Some days have felt like August, while others have been typical of an early spring...cold and rainy. I'm wearing the blogger t-shirt designed by Charles right now but there is another storm moving in. The fishing has been excellent some days and not so good on other days. Mark and Kurt left camp yesterday and we can attest to the fact that they fished hard. They put a hurt on the walleyes and Kurt earned his nickname of the "perch master" as they caught approximately 100 perch on one day.

The Professor and I went down to the west arm two days for lake trout. Our best day included: 33", 32", 27", 26" and some small ones. We will post some video's of that trip some time soon, but the professor is going to need some cinematography training. Most of his shots showed my knee caps or the floor of the boat. Perhaps he didn't want the viewers to know who caught the big one? Here are a few pics. Hey, who is that wearing the glove?


  1. Hey Andy
    Was great to meet you and Joe I will have to say that you and Joe are very HARD fisherman and know your stuff when it comes to fishing and am sure many can learn a few things from you guy's, hope you guy's can give your knowledge to other VBL guest cause you do have some great info that can be helpful.
    Thanks for the props in your post
    I will put my posts up as soon as I hear from Sir Bastable on the OK on how I was going to do it.
    Besides I don't want to lose my blogger t-shirt I worked so hard for only to have you Joe and Gord try to play a fast one on me at the Sunday night fish fry.

  2. Lovin' the last couple of updates.....and hatin' the updates because I'm going to miss VBL in 2010.

    Save travels and tight lines.