Monday, May 31, 2010

Let's portage to Highrock...

Nice eater wallye from Highrock..

Slot walleye

Another slot walleye

More walleye

And another slot

1 slot after another

Mark with a nice 36" we won't talk about my net job on 1 a little larger than this one

Check out the eyes on this one!!!!

Well the trek to Highrock was a little more work than normal due to low water levels the trip up the creek was slow but possible.

Things started out slow for us as we fished are normal spots but after several passes through the usual areas we moved and then found some great action on both walleye and Northerns.

Couple of good story's from this trip as Mark was bringing in a 16" or so walleye and as it was brought to the boat a LARGE I mean LARGE walleye in the neighborhood of 33-36" by far the largest walleye I have seen in the water in my lifetime of fishing decides to take a swipe at it's younger family member, what a site to see in the water that close to the boat.

Then only 15 minutes or so later I am bringing in a walleye in the 16-18" range and out of from under the boat is a flash and a 45" or so Northern grabs hold of my walleye and the fight is on, after maybe just less than 5 minutes as it is coming to the boat and we are going to try a double net job the large pike decides to let go of the walleye. You just never know what might happen on waters that don't get much pressure.

If you have never made this trip it is well worth the work, in other years 2 trips would have been made to this great body of water but with the low water levels and hard work to get there not to mention the nice little walk through the wood 1 trip was enough, not to mention the GREAT fishing going on in Eagle lake we wanted to get back on to.

Hope you enjoyed the pics....


  1. I'm homesick! Great pictures!!

  2. Sorry Dustin
    But have to do it to you SORRY Man.
    This makes you want to be up there next year in May.

  3. Uh, yeah....we are already planning 2011, and I will be getting with Gord soon to get it lined up.

  4. Make it the 2nd week in May Dustin