Saturday, March 6, 2010

Raging Bull-Perch.........

Andy mentioned the need to post more pictures of perch. From back in the archives here is a classic........Mark M. and Perchmaster salivating over a pile-o-perch! What a couple of baby faces....and Mark hasn't become pregnant yet!
Gord's nightmare........"Clean us, clean us!"

More up to date perch "action". From yesterday, a couple of mega perch that fell victim to Perchmaster's ice fishing rig.

The ice was groaning under the weight of this beast!


  1. Gord,

    Here is a very strange coincidence. The Perchmaster's rig looks very much like the more appropriately named, "Beaver Flick". I have used this for both walley and perch. See (copy and paste intor your browser):


  2. Yo Andy
    These rigs were made special for me by my design by a guy that had me do some testing for him that is out of Ohio.
    He wanted me to test them for future market and he made me up some 200 of these rigs in many different styles that I drew up for him. He did a great job but he never did market them the way he made them up.
    I catch fish on them all the time and am glad to see Gord is catching fish on them.
    By the way those pics of piles of JUMBO perch will be coming your way soon Gord hope you are dreaming of a perch cleaning day soon....