Saturday, March 13, 2010

More pics of VBL fishing on Eagle Lake

The day's of cleaning fish in your sleep are just around the corner Gord

Evening walleye near the secret spot

Can you see "BULL PERCH in your future Gord

Northern pike are loaded in RR bay and Sportsmans bay


Loon in the creek at VBL

Walleye along most shorelines being pounded by waves

Make it a family event down at the ol fish house

Walleye and northern pike

Sunsets on Eagle lake

Another walleye heads for the net

Looks for wind pounded shorelines in spring for walleye

Don't let him get away


  1. Those early season bull perch are good for Gord. It helps him hone those filleting skills. Not that he needs much practice, but it can't hurt.

  2. Just warming him up Andy that's all.
    He must be (Gord) on vacation he is not responding and no reply's to my e-mail

  3. Where the HELL did everyone go?
    Hope the lodge is still standing....