Sunday, March 7, 2010

More May fishing pics from VBL

And as the saying goes REST RELAX and UNWIND while at VBL
Hope your trip is as memorable as mine has been over the now 10+ years visiting VBL.

A beautiful site near the secret perch spot
Just a couple of JUMBO PERCH
The evening hot spot produces lot of quality fish in May

Probably will take some heat for putting this mug on the post but what the hell
Monster lake trout even being caught at the evening secret HOT spot while trolling circles for walleye
Whitefish can be had at anytime while fishing for walleye and northerns.
Hope May 2010 brings beauty of the 2nd picture and not the top one!


  1. Just as Reggie Jackson was Mr. October for the NY Yankees, I'm thinking that the Perchmaster may well be "Mr. May" at VBL.

  2. Professor your making BLUSH!!!!!!
    I wish I had Mr. October's money.....
    Maybe if you are correct Professor I will get one of those VBL blogger T-shirts that Gord was talking about giving all of us contributors?
    Thinking at this rate Gord will call me "MR.PERCHMASTER" instead of perchqueen...
    How is the printing of those T-shirts coming along Gord?
    Don't want to hog anymore space for now so I will hold on to the picture scene for a while.
    I will though make sure I load up again in May.
    More pictures to come in the coming day's....

  3. Those perch keep Gord's filleting skills honed. Nice job! I do hope you got a good nap in during the cleaning process? That can take hours.