Sunday, March 7, 2010

May 2009 - VBL

Here's hoping you all have a great May 2010...Some great May '09 memories from our first trip to VBL:

VBL Breakfast of Champions
(OJ is topped with Rum & Southern Comfort):



  1. Hey, isn't that the Hoosier Highway in the background?

  2. Andy...yeah, in a couple of them it is...

  3. Hey Dustin! Thanks for posting pictures of your last trip. May can be an interesting month to fish at VBL. Catching lake trout on light tackle is a highlight of the season!

  4. No doubt, Gord! All those lakers were caught on 8lb test, and 6' medium action rods...only thing I can compare the fight to is when we catch fresh-run steelhead on the fly! Lakers are by far, one of the toughest fighters around.

  5. Hi Dustin...Is it true that the "Hoosier Highway" is paved with lake trout?

  6. Hey Dustin glad to see some pics and good to see you join in the picture posting contest.
    All I can say is that Gord is either drooling or having nightmares of what is to come....
    We all know Gord lives to clean our fish.
    Dustin I sent you an e-mail.....
    I am going to start to lose sleep thinking about my May 2010 trip now.....

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  8. Hey did you guy's catch that in a couple of the pictures where they broke out the Professors glove?
    Hey now I was thinking Gord they got to name a spot after them how about one for me?
    We can rename the point or the secret perch spot, naw I like renaming the point.

  9. Hi, Bill here. Like I said in my personal E mail to you Dustin, your pictures were amazing. Perchmaster, now I am even getting fired up about perch. Since I only can make one trip a year from down under I'm wondering if perch can be caught in the fall too. I don't have a clue. The Professor's methods got me into the game when it came to walleyes and even though I was a full time misky hunter I now really love the walleyes. Perhaps there can also be some perch on the horizon. It's up to Gord to decide if I am still trainable. My fishing partner is up for anything. I'll stand by.

  10. Bill, I would suggest you take up smallmouth bass rather than perch. You get to cast small, really cool lures towards shore.....and the bass jump out of the water! What could be more fun than that? If you really want to catch perch in August all you need is a bit of worm on a small jig and park yourself in front of the'll have all the 6 inch perch you can handle.....

  11. Sounds good. Let's do it. I just noticed the spelling error in my post above.

    I guess if you blog while you're sipping whisky you might spell musky, misky.

  12. Great selection of photographs, very inspiring!
    Soon I'll be beack enjoying the fishy moments on Eagle.

  13. There is something "disturbing" about the photograph of that All Canadian breakfast the Dustin group was consuming.

    Nice word play Bill....Miskie, I always knew you losing it.

  14. Hey Bill
    Sounds like Gord does not want to clean perch that late in the season...
    You might have to make a May trip one of these years and I will show you where and how to for BULL PERCH and we can make Gord sick of us real fast....
    Check you e-mail Bill so we can hook up on that package...
    Just so you know my partners nickname is Misky..

  15. Gord...what's distrubing about pan-fried lakers, toast, fried potatos, black coffee, ice cold Blue, and some OJ w/ kick for breakfast??

    How else do you think we were up for making the trip to the Hoosier Highway and fishing in the cold, wind, and rain??