Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ice out 2010.....and where's the B-275?

It's March 28 and the forecast is for more warm weather..........time to get your crystal ball out and forecast the date the ice will be gone on Vermilion Bay. Here's a set of photos that will give you an idea of the current ice conditions. Couldn't be any tighter to shore.............
Very little snow on the ice too. I will post the details for this year's Ice Out Contest in the margins so give it a gander. If you are wondering about last year, you can always search the Electric Beaver archives for the exciting climax of ice-out in 2009. Who will win? A change in rules for this year will add the necessity for strategy in order to come out on top. The first person who enters the correct date will win the top cannot change your initial guess! In other words, do you dither around waiting for all the facts to fall in place, guess correctly but come in last? Or do you grab the bull by the horns, and take the wild leap and win all? All guesses should be sent directly to me to maintain a shroud of have plenty of time yet, so plot your strategy.....Good Luck!
While you ponder, consider the ice conditions that have allowed for this day's involvement of a chain saw, the John Deere AMT 600 ....................
............and the International Harvester B-275 diesel (circa 1958). Before anyone gets the notion that I was wandering the lake in my tractor, this was just off the beach where a dead pine needed removal.


  1. You could help us out a little?
    Like how much ice now?
    The pics help but with the new site the pics are smaller and makes it harder to tell some things.
    I know stop my complaining

  2. If you click on the picture you can make them bigger...........

  3. As I look out over open Lake Mendota and marvel over the fact that we will be experiencing 70+ degrees over the next 3 days, I am reminded of this unusual spring. On the other hand, Wisconsin has been collecting freeze/thaw dates for this lake for over 150 years. Interesting, Mendota officially opened on March 26 this year which is surprisingly....3 days later then last year. In 1998, the lake was officially open on February 27'th! In 1856, it didn't open until May 6th! Now try to get this kind of information out of Gord for Eagle Lake and he will try to tell you he doesn't remember what it was like in 1856.

  4. Bet if I dangle a brat in fron of him I get more info.
    I did see that Gord to make picture larger

  5. Andy, very interesting about the thaw dates for Lake Mendota. In researching your observations, I have come to the conclusion that the retirement of the "Professor" from the halls of academia have resulted in a significant drop in the amount of hot air in, and around, Lake Mendota. Perhaps this has resulted in the later ice out?

    Eagle Lake in 1856? Well, it is a bit vague. I just remember that it was a hell of a paddle to Clearwater Lake just to put my hand prints on that cliff!

  6. New site is very slowwwwwwwwwwwwwww