Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dueling Banjo's at Vermilion Bay Lodge

Let it be said here that Gord has access to some lakes where it truly doesn't matter what you throw at them - Like Mikey on the Life cereal commercial, they eat anything. That was the case last year while visiting this top secret lake. Click here to see the results.


  1. Nice Vid guy's. Did you notice how Gord puts himself on the spot before his guests?
    You will never make it as a hall of fame guide at this rate.
    Maybe the hall of shame!!! HAHA!!
    Had to RAZZZZZ you a little.

  2. Nice. late May...C. Lake open?

  3. Perchmaster, when you fish with either the Professor or Andy, there is an unwritten rule of survival of the fishiest. Plus I am just more efficient, plain and simple!

    Dustin, for sure that body of water is very lonely that time of the season....just the smallmouth and chunky pike to keep you company. The only boat there is the VBL bass catching machine! You are welcome to it......