Monday, November 22, 2010

How to fillet a pike

Here's a nice bonus after catching lots of fish at VBL....Gord fillets your fish for you. Gord's the master when it comes to filleting pike. Watch and learn


  1. Yes it is a work of art by an artist.
    Gord makes it look so easy..

  2. Hi Folks...A boneless fish filet is a thing of beauty--especially when an expert provides this to you. I often spend long days on the water while staying at Vermilion Bay Lodge. And simply handing my fish over to Gord for cleaning and packaging service is a real benefit.

  3. Not bad Andy! I think I could work on my stage presence a bit....maybe we can do a remake this summer.

    Had someone in Vermilion Bay ask me if I had seen the video of me cleaning fish! They don't read my blog so I'm not sure how they found it, but seems to travel fast! Perhaps I will have it posted on the website as well......

  4. Just had deer camp and we all enjoyed the Canadian walleye,northern and perch Gord cleaned up well for us. That cracker meal breading is the way to go.