Monday, November 22, 2010

Perch Fishing in Bottle Lake

Most people want to know...why would you drive to Ontario to fish for perch? Well if you get tired of catching walleye, trout, whitefish, pike, and musky - perch fishing in the spring offers a nice change of pace in the middle of the week. And who doesn't like jerking big perch one after another until you have a live well full of nice eaters? Mr. perch seemed to enjoy it (click here to view the video).


  1. That very perky, so very disturbing. Just another VBL guest!

    Good work Andy and sidekick Joe!

  2. Just for the record here you need permission to enter our perch teritory.
    Think the new secrets on this will have to be kept with Mark and myself....

  3. Hi Folks...I was in the boat with Andy, I mean Mr. Perch, the day we went into Bottle Lake. As you can tell from the video, Mr. Perch had been drinking heavily. But he was very happy jerking big perch, as was I. We did well that day.

    However, we could not have done this without the advice of the Perchmaster and his partner, Mark. These guys are the experts on catching big perch. Make sure you get written permission to fish their hotspots, though. Treat them with respect, pay hommage with a few bottles of beer and a bag of chips, and you will find these guys charming.

  4. O' Professor the way to our hearts "BEER" guess that is why you are a professor you learn fast...
    We will have to see if your up when we are if we can help increase that catch total.
    May can't come soon enough jerking perch and hauling walleye in one after another and sipping on a few of Gord's FREE beer.