Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vermilion Bay Kin Karnival.....

This weekend is a winter carnival put on by local service clubs such as the Kinsmen and Lions clubs. We entered the snowmobile poker derby (see map) which had 5 checkpoints where you picked a card to complete a poker hand. Best hands win prizes, which I have had no experience with. Again this year Susanne and I had garbage hands. The ride was nice. If you can read the map the trail headed south through Canoe Narrows and along the Back Channel to Detour Point.
Here is the 1st checkpoint at the Detour Point access road.

Off the access road and onto Bottle Bay Lake............Perchmaster's secret perch hole!

Another checkpoint and more lousy cards.

Here we are in the village of Waldhof and some derailed grain cars which are still laying about after several weeks since the derailment. I think the deer will appreciate the spillage.
Day 2 of the carnival on Sunday features a fishing derby just off the government dock. I will report back on this tomorrow........hopefully my fishing luck is better than my poker hand!


  1. I noticed you reference this as a snowmobile derby. I thought the Canadians referred to these as snowmachines (as indicated on the map)?

    Now go win that fishing derby!

  2. Will the winner of the this contest receive a VBL mug?

  3. Now this sounds like it would be some fun...
    Looking at the picture of Bottle bay that looks like virgin snow out there, can't believe with the walleye and perch in there that nobody does any ice fishing there..
    That is good cause we need to give the perch a chance to grow.
    Good Luck and show us proud and win the contest Gord. Fishing your area should give you the advantage....

    Will the winner of the this contest receive a VBL mug?
    Good one Professor

  4. How about the VBL answer to the poker run. Anyone staying at the lodge has to catch a muskie,a northern, a walleye, a trout, and a whitefish during their stay to get a mug??

  5. New Mexicam....that would be a flush, but if you added "bull perch" to the list, for the benefit of the Perchmaster, that would constitute a straight flush. Like the perchmaster, I would think the deeper holes in this bay would hold perch during the winter months? We'll see if Gord turns up any in the shallower waters off of the government dock?

  6. So did Gord take gold in the fishing competition? Oh Canada.....

  7. Stay tuned for my update tomorrow. All will be revealed!

  8. Adding the "PERCH" would be nice and for us early season fisherman catching a musky is only by accident since we can't legally fish for them.

    Can't wait for you details Gord sounds like this was some big time fun....

  9. Perchmaster, Maybe Musky and Perch could be "wildcards" and the angler could choose. Here we are making all these rules and the boss hasn't even approved the game yet.

  10. Screw him we make the rules and he shells out the gifts.....
    Like the idea of the wild cards NewMexicam..

  11. I'm getting a bad feeling that Gord has already installed locks on the cabinet holding the sweatshirts?

  12. I wonder if Charles could come up with a fish-poker design. Maybe playing cards with fish, such as the Muskie King of Spades. We could do a t-shirt with a winning poker hand of fish. What do you think Chuck?