Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lake trout success.........

Susanne and I thought it might be fun to fish a lake we have never tried before. From Eagle we were able to scout out the trail (no we weren't the first ones there) into several other lakes before arriving at this "hidden lake".
Another view of coming off a portage trail onto yet another lake.

The first trout caught on a tip-up using one of Perchmaster's ice fishing rigs. These fish are some of the darkest lake trout I have ever caught.......almost a copper colour.

The biggest fish of the day caught by Susanne on a Williams spoon. Note the careful use of the hat to hide the dreaded "hat-head".........

After about an hour and a half we ended up with our limit of nice eaters. Perhaps we will keep this lake's location a secret!

1 comment:

  1. Wow those are some dark trout.... Now I am guessing that this lake is very stained?
    Kind of reminds me when I was younger taking a trip way up in Canada and doing some trout fishing and seeing some trout come from deep dark waters.....
    Good to see you using those rigs Gord and catching fish on them.
    I can't say I even got to use my tip ups this week-end as I went to Winnebago and we jigged all day and when on the fish you would not have time for tip ups.
    Sent you some pics hope you enjoyed them.
    Keep up those ice fishing posts