Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A few more winter pics.......

There's been a new addition to the neighbour folk at the point (John & LeeAnn)'s John Jr. Just can't seem to keep his eyes open!

Cloudy day in the back forty.........

Hey, what's that in the tree?

A ruffed grouse, of course..........


  1. Nice pics Gord and GREAT pic of the A ruffed grouse.

  2. These photos are interesting and expressive.
    The baby photo is very serene.
    I wonder is the baby around the same weight as a fairly good walleye?
    The single grouse is good. I think it's trying to keep out of the snow.

  3. The ruffed grouse was a good omen, as we have had some rain a few weeks ago and then freezing temps. That leaves a hard crust which can actually trap the grouse under the snow (they often go under the snow to stay warm). Probably claimed a few birds.

    I'ld rather tangle with a ten pound walleye than a ten pound baby...more fun, less noise.

  4. John Jr. is a great looking young man. I love babies and I hope I can see him in September. You can arrange it Gord. You're THE MAN!! Make it happen.
    My best to the bloggers. Hey Tom W. Start blogging. Gord taught me. You are trainable too.