Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nice Bass.........

Here's a great picture that Jeff Campbell sent me of his "really nice bass" that he caught a few weeks back at VBL. It was 20 1/2 inches long and likely a 5 pound class fish......a great release. Congratulations Jeff!


  1. O.K. Gord has been hitting the bottle again. I'm not clear if Mark or Jeff caught this fish, but that is a very nice smally and an outstanding picture. I love the coloring and markings on this fish.


  2. Jeff caught the fish. I was just the lowly net and camera man:-)The fish was right at 5lbs. It was a beautiful fish.

    Mark Campbell

  3. That is Jeff but did not realize his arms was that long :)

  4. I thought his nickname was Sasquatch....due to his gigantic fingers. Still doesn't hide the fact that it was a Jumbo bass! Beautiful coloration......the bass is nice too.